Super Alcohol

Following the tradition initiated by an Italian Brother, Mr. Ermenegildo Lamon, Cremisan Brandy is made by a slow double distillation process of the unique local Dabouki grape, a variety of the Holy Land.

The 35 years of aging in Italian oak barrels gives it an extraordinary complexity of flavors that reminds us of the typical dry fruits of this region.

The elegancy and harmony of the final blend was ensured by the Italian winemaker Dr. Riccardo Cotarella, who gave it the final twist toward internationalism.

Organoleptic Characteristics

This Brandy is rich and full, boasts opulent aromas of toffee, sultana, salted caramel and orange marmalade. Flavor of peanut brittle, coffee, vanilla and caramel follow through with a deliciously oily texture; weighty and rich.

Food Pairing

Dry fruits, hard cheeses, éclairs, banana cake and dark chocolate.

Best Served

Cold or at room temperature.

Annual Production

6,500 Bottles.

Available Sizes

700 ml.